05-06-2022: QM Environmental International at iFAT 2022 in Munich

QM Environmental International participated at iFAT 2022 in Munich from Monday 30 May to Friday 3 June. The show was a great success and a lot of visitors, both new and existing contacts and customers, found their way to our stand. If you missed it have a look at this short video presentation.

12-01-2022: NBSO Lyon publishes video Pollutec 2021

QM Environmental International participated at Pollutec 2021 on The Netherlands pavilion in Lyon in October 2021. The NBSO Lyon office organized the pavilion and recorded a promotional video.

01-01-2022: QM Environmental International and INEAUV sign distributors agreement for France

QM Environmental International and INEAUV, located in Curgies (France), signed a distribution agreement for MicroCat products for wastewater treatment and Dry Vapour Odor control systems. INEAUV will be operating in the regions Hauts de France, Normandy, Grand- Est and Ile de France. We welcome Eric Dath to the MicroCat distributor family.

30-03-2021: QM-UrineSmell Killer tackles urine smell problems in schools

In 2020 QM Environmental International launched a new product for removing urine smells from surfaces. This product has now been tested in primary schools close to our head office in the The Hague. Users report a very good efficiency in removing the urine smells in toilets where little boys frequently mis the target when urinating.

Contact us for more information on how QM-UrineSmell Killer can help you to control bad smells from public toilets and other public areas where this is a problem.

29-03-2021: Italian & Spanish websites online & Website upgrade

QM Environmental International expanded its website with 3 additional languages, French, Italian and Spanish. Also we have upgraded our home page in order to allow easier navigation and modified our news page to allow our site bisitors easier access to news.

11-03-2021: KWR publishes report on the effects of MicroCat-BioPOP use in sewers on municipal sewage treatment plants

In 2016, QM Environmental International initiated a study into the potential effects of MicroCat-BioPOP applications in sewer networks on the operation of sewage treatment plants. This research was carried out between 2017 and 2020 by the KWR together with a number of interested parties such as municipalities, water boards and distributor Macero with the support of a TKI Water Technology subsidy.
This week the results were officially published on the KWR website,

Click here to read more about the project.

01-03-2021: MicroCat publication in Romanian Industria carnii magazine

QM’s distributor for the Romanian market published an article in one of the leading professional magazines for the Romanian meat producing sector. The article can be downloaded via this link.

They have also recently published an online catalogue. If you are located in Romania be sure to check it out. Click here to view the catalogue.

04-03-2021: QM Presenting at EnviroWorkshop 2021 Virtual edition

QM Environmental International will be presenting at the Enviroworkshop 2021 Virtual edition which will take place on 16 March 2021. Because of COVID it will be a full day of online presentations from international experts in the field of issues related to contaminated soils and aquifers. Are you interested attending click here to view the invitation letter with discount code.

03-03-2021: French Website Launch

On Tuesday 3 March 2021 our French website came online. The Italian and Spanish versions will follow shortly.

21-10-2020: New BioPOP-0.5 & 1 blocks now available

These small sized BioPOP’s are ideal for use in systems receiving small amounts of wastewater per day. They can be applied in grease traps, septic tanks, small scale biological wastewater treatment systems, oil-water separators, buffer tanks, sewage pumping station and sewer lines. BioPOP-0.5 works from flow rate from 0 to 100 m3/day whilst the BioPOP-1 is suitable for system receiving 100 to 200 m3/day.

24-04-2020: iFAT 2020 Cancelled

As a result of the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak, it has been decided not to continue the iFAT2020. Since the trade fair calendar does not have room for an iFAT in 2021, the next iFAT will take place from May 30 to June 2, 2022.

Regularly check our events calander for updated information.

23-04-2020: Corona Virus update

Due to the Corona virus outbreak in The Netherlands the trade show AquaNederland/Rioleringsvakdagen has been postponed to 23, 24 & 25 March 2021. IFAT in Munich has been postponed to 6 to 11 September 2020.

Regularly check our events calander for updated information.

17-04-2020: Opening of new laborartory

On 17 April QM Environmental International opened its new laboratory. This new facility will allow to do more testing for customers facing wastewater treatment and bioremediation problems.

11-03-2020: Corona Virus update

Due to the Corona virus outbreak in The Netherlands the trade show AquaNederland/Rioleringsvakdagen has been postponed to 16, 17 and 18 June 2020.

Regularly check our events calander for updated information.

25-02-2020: MicroCat Products offered in Polish packaging

QM’s distributor for the Polish market, Ekodren, launched their new website containing information on MicroCat products anf their different packaging options. For more information on MicroCat in Polish, click here.

28-01-2020: Upcoming events in 2020

QM Environmental International will be present at the following trade shows and conferences in 2020:




Stand no. D.1.4.1., From 17 to 19 March 2020 Evenementenhal Gorinchem, The Netherlands



Stand no. A2 528, From 4 to 8 May 2020, Messe München, Munich, Germany


From 7 – 10 September 2020, Holmenkollen Hotel, Oslo, Norway



From 23-25 September 2020, Ferrara Fiere Congressi, Ferrara, Italy


For more information about these events please contact us.

Regularly check our events calander for updated information.

25-02-2019: White Paper: Aquifer pH buffering during Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination

QM Environmental International published a White Paper on the effects of pH on biodegradation rates during Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination bioremediation projects and how buffering can help.

To view the complete white paper click here.

19-02-2019: MicroCat-AG improving wheat growth.

MicroCat products are continuously researched to find out how they behave and how they improve the microbial activity. One such research has been conducted by the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

The goal of this particular research was to see how bioaugmentation in soils could improve the growth of wheat.

Click here to download the article describing the experiments.

The results of this research have been published in the Scientific works, SERIA AGRONOMIE VOL. 61, NR. 1, by the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine “ION IONESCU DE LA BRAD” in IAŞI, Romania.

Click here to view the complete publication.

05-02-2019: New MicroCat promotional flyer.

Today we published a new promotional flyer for MicroCat products.

Click here to download this flyer.

31-01-2019: Having Filamentous Problems?

Filamentous infestations in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants pose serious problems for wastewater treatment plants. Foaming and poor sludge settling are well know issues faced by treatment plant operators. The most common way dealing with these problems (read dealing with the symptoms) is by adding huge amounts of chemicals, like anti-foam and flocculants, to suppress these effects.

QM Environmental International is offering an green alternative for filamentous problems. Drastically reducing the need for chemicals and sustainably solving the filament infestation by reducing the filament concentration to acceptable levels.

Click here to view our new information sheet on how we tackle this problem.