About us

QM Environmental International B.V. specialises in environmental biotechnology and offers integrated solutions for environmental problems in soil, water and air. 

QM Environmental International is an international operating company with representation in many European countries. QM Environmental International works in close collaboration with clients in the industrial, public and governmental sectors. QM Environmental International is involved in extensive ongoing research to devise and develop new and improved bio-reagents and techniques to help tackle the world’s pollution problems.
QM Environmental International offers a wide range of solutions for environmental issues that will help improve the quality of life in densely populated areas.

QM Environmental International research approach is essentially pragmatic. Over many years their combined operational and laboratory-based research experience has resulted in innovative and practical solutions that enable rapid biodegradation of a spectrum of organic pollutants.

The biotechnological products that QM supplies to different sectors comply with the Class 1 norm for microorganisms as defined by the European Federation of Biotechnology (E.F.B.) and are “Generally Regarded As Safe”.

Intensive control before, during and after production of ingredients and final product guarantees the safety of the products for flora and fauna.

Technically there are few limits to the usefulness of the QM Environmental International approach where hydrocarbon and other organic pollution problems are concerned. So far the QM Environmental International approach has proved itself in: 

  • Industrial & Municipal Wastewater treatment
  • Bioremediation of soils and groundwater
  • Odour control
  • FOG & H2S control in sewers and lift station
  • Cleaning of restaurant kitchen floors, drains and traps
  • Algae control in pond and lakes
  • Composting of vegetal wastes
  • Commercial Aquaculture, Agriculture & Animal Breeding.

When QM Environmental International is presented with a problem it tries to find the friendliest environmental solution. This means that during development of products and applications the positive yield for the environment is always an important factor. The final product or application is a combination of cost efficiency and environmental yield. The QM Environmental International products can be divided into 4 categories;

  • Bioaugmentation Products
  • Organic substrates for Wastewater Treatment & Bioremediation
  • Odour Control Systems & Products
  • Laboratory & Consultancy Services