Soil & Groundwater Contamination

For over two decades, QM Environmental International has been the leading provider of in situ remediation products in Europe that reengineer the groundwater environment transforming contaminants into non-toxic end products. QM Environmental International offers the complete suite of remediation products of Monera Technologies, EOS Remediation in Europe.

Our Technical Design Support

When it comes to successful bioremediation of recalcitrant compounds, having the right people on your team is critical. Our experience and expertise is unmatched in the marketplace. QM is managed by experienced, knowledgeable staff in the field. We are available to help the environmental practitioners and professionals evaluate the feasibility of using our technologies at their sites. We not only informs and educates our customers with peer-reviewed technical papers, academic research and design tools, but also provides outstanding customer service and assistance, contributing to superior remediation and project outcomes.

The following products are available:

Aerobe (Monera, EOS Remediation)
Product Contaminants



Petroleum hydrocarbons

(diesel, heating oil,  petrol fuels, MTBE, BTEX, creosote, PAH’s, PCP, Vinyl Chloride, 1,4-dioxane,…)

Anaerobe (EOS Remediation)
Product Contaminants

EOS 100, Pro, QR



Chlorinated solvents, Ethenes


Ethane’s (Trichloroethane);

Methane’s (Tetrachloromethane);

Perchlorate (ClO4); Chromate (CrO4 2-); Explosives (TNT, RDX, HMX); Nitrates; Radionuclides (TcO4- , UO22+); Acid mine drainage

BAC -range

Microbial consortium of Dehalococcoides mccartyi (DHC) and other dechlorinators enriched to degrade a variety of chlorinated solvents and other compounds.

Additives for Aquifer adjustment (EOS Remediation)
Product Contaminants


Safe, easy-to-use, long-lasting colloidal buffer

Use alone or with any EOS® emulsified oil.



QM-ZviER zero-valent iron (m-ZVI) is made by a unique physico-chemical combined process. Compared with the traditional iron powder, our micron iron powder the characteristics of a large specific surface, a low redox potential (ORP), a high chemical activity and long-lasting effect. It can the removal efficiency of chlorinated pollutant substances in soil and groundwater significantly improve and significantly reduce the time of environmental remediation. It’s widely used in soil and groundwater remediation, industrial wastewater treatment and others areas of application. QM-ZviER products range in sizes from 5 μm to 2,000 μm and are suitable for any remedial treatment scenario involving reductive chemistry.

Abiotic Beta Elimination
Designed to maximize β-elimination, QM-ZviER ZVI limits the production of harmful daughter products from hydrogenolysis. Hydrogenolysis is the sequential replacement of chloride ions with hydrogen, forming compounds like cis-DCE and VC, which are more toxic and can be rate-limiting during degradation. In β-elimination, two chlorine atoms are replaced with a triple bond between the carbons, forming an acetylene group. Chlorinated acetylenes will undergo rapid degradation with ZVI to form harmless ethene or ethane. All QM-ZviER products were designed to minimize the formation of toxic by-products.

The following QM-ZviER product versions are available:

More than a product

At QM Environmental International, we’re focused on producing results, not just selling product. We work with consultants and remediation contractors during the design and implementation of the bioremediation process to make sure our products reach their full potential when applied. 

QM Environmental International can help you evaluate the feasibility of using our technologies at your site. Simply complete the appropriate site evaluation form and return to us electronically:

Or use the online design tool on the website of EOS Remediation.

For more information on what QM Environmental International and EOS can do for you watch our video.

As a result, Monera, EOS Remediation bioaugmentation, biostimulation and QM-ZviER abiotic remediation products enables contaminated site owners to achieve:

  • Consistent, more stable biodegradation rates
  • Reduced remediation costs and environmental liability
  • Achieving site cleanup targets

Whether applied as part of a routine maintenance plan or in an emergency our remediation formulations can help remediate contaminated industrial, commercial and residential sites.

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