Case Studies | overview

QM Environmental International products are well documented in case studies and white papers. On this page you will find a selection of case histories describing success stories of the use of MicroCat, EOS products and the Dry Vapour Unit.

FOG & Odor Control in Collection Systems

Foul odors in collection systems are commonly caused by either Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) or Fats, Oils, and Greases (FOG). Click the button for more information.

Filamentous & Foaming Control

Filamentous microorganisms can cause serious problems with regards to the settling of sludge in secondary clarifiers and foaming in aeration tanks. Click the button for more information.

Ammonia Emission Control in Pig & Poultry Breeding

Ammonia gas causes serious health problems at prolonged contact at high concentrations in humans and animals. Pig and poultry breeding farms experience high levels of ammonia in the stable atmosphere due to the nature of the operation. Click the button for more information.

Nitrification Optimization

The removal of ammonium from wastewater is an essential step in the removal of nutrients from industrial wastewater and municipal sewage in order to avoid eutrophication of surface waters. Nitrification is a sensitive microbial process which often experiences problems. Click the button for more information.

Bioremediation of contaminated soil and groundwater

Contaminated soils and groundwater require remediation in order to prevent further contamination of down gradient areas and to reduce environmental liability. Click the button for more information.

Algae control

Algae growth in ornamental ponds, commercial fish ponds/farms or natural open waters used for recreational purposes can be effectively controlled by using bioaugmentation. Click the button for more information.

FOG Control & Cleaning in Restaurant Kitchens

Fat, Oil and Grease accumulation on floors, in drains and traps forms a considerable headache for restaurant owners/managers. Click the button for more information.

Atmospheric Odor Control

Odors emitted into the atmosphere by industries, solid waste transfer & processing companies and wastewater treatment plants require treatment to avoid nuisance to local residents. Click the button for more information.