Hotel and restaurant kitchens often experience maintenance issues related to cleaning and drain lines leading from kitchens and bathrooms.

Safe, natural MicroCat microbial products from QM Environmental International, are specially formulated to keep commercial kitchens and institutions running smoothly.

Composed of a unique combination of specialized, naturally occurring microbes and other ingredients, MicroCat  products can help solve common problems related to the production and preparation of food products.

Our solutions are used in: bars, restaurant & hotel kitchens, hotel bathrooms, holiday parks, fast food restaurants 

QM Environmental International solutions comprise:

  • MicroCat-BFL, biological floor cleaner containing naturally-occurring, safe microbes and cleaners. Restores the original roughness of the kitchen floor
  • MicroCat-BioPOP, Slow release bioblock for FOG control in traps, lift stations and sewer lines
  • MicroCat-ECL, Enzymatic cleaning liquid for degreasing of surfaces, cooking hood grills, pots/pans and cutlery
  • MicroCat-FL, a foaming liquid drain cleaning compound containing naturally-occurring, safe microbes and cleaners. It is formulated to replace ineffective, harsh chemical drain cleaners for cleaning and deodorizing commercial kitchen floor drains making them inhospitable and unattractive to insect pests.
  • MicroCat-GEL-XP, microbial liquid for drain line maintenance in combination with automatic dosing system. Excellent for keeping drains and traps free flowing and odor free.
  • MicroCat-PTL, a liquid blend of natural bacteria for use in maintaining, cleaning and deodorizing sink and shower drains and p-traps.
  • QM-UrineSmellKiller, a liquid microbial formulation for eliminating and preventing odours from public urinals and toilets.
  • Dry Vapour Unit, Odor neutralizing system for commercial kitchen cooking hoods.

By promoting the biodegradation of undesirable waste material, such as fat, oil and grease (FOG), MicroCat  microbial products for commercial applications can inexpensively:

  • Prevent the clogging of grease traps and drains
  • Clean slippery floors and restore their roughness
  • Break down and digest greases, oils, fats and fibrous proteins
  • Reduce buildup of hydrogen sulfide and other malodors
  • Promote biological processing of proteins, sugars and carbohydrates, reducing BOD – and pressure on downstream wastewater treatment plants

QM Environmental International solutions assist in:

  • More rapid, efficient breakdown of fats, oils and greases on floors and in drains, traps and sewers
  • Reduced accidents caused by slippery kitchen floors
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Limited exposure to environmental liability

QM Environmental International can help you to achieve a stable and sustainable operation.

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