Sewer line maintenance & Sewer odor control

Municipal and industrial sewer line networks can experience clogging caused by fats, oils and greases (FOG) and odor nuisance from escaping sewer gases. Clogging events can cause flooding and sewer gases can create an unpleasant working and living environment for the people exposed to the gas which can lead to health complaints. This is even more a reality if the escaping sewer gas contains high levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2S)

QM Environmental International offers several solutions which can be utilized to solve and prevent these problems from occurring. Our solutions are used in:

  • Gravity and force main municipal sewer networks
  • Industrial sewer networks

Our solutions comprise MicroCat-BioPOP formulations which can be applied in small to large scale systems for FOG maintenance and MicroCat-ANL odor for H2S and odor control. When applied in sewer lines and pumping stations these products reduce FOG buildup and prevent clogging of lines and pumps and reduce odor and H2S formation in the network and subsequently also reduce corrosion to the network.

MicroCat products are formulated to handle:

  • Fat, oil and grease (FOG) build-up
  • Odour and corrosion caused by hydrogen sulphide build-up
  • Non-chemical treatment of H2S gas development

Case Studies

Read here on how MicroCat-BioPOP is used to maintain a municipal sewer network in The Netherlands.

Read here on how MicroCat-ANL is used to reduce H2S levels in 2 force main sewer lines in the United Kingdom.

More than a product

At QM Environmental International, we’re focused on producing results, not just pushing product. We aim to solve the root problem behind waste processing problems, not simply treat symptoms. Thus, we only deploy MicroCat formulations in sewer networks after extensive analysis and investigation by our team of seasoned professionals.

As a result, MicroCat bioaugmentation enables municipal sewer line maintenance professionals to enjoy:

  • Consistently effective solutions
  • Reduced maintenance costs and environmental liability
  • Easy, direct product application

MicroCat microbial formulations can help your sewer network to achieve low odor emission and stable, sustainable peak operation.

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