Our history

The history of QM Environmental International started in January 2005 when Robert Wagenveld founded QM Environmental Services Ltd.. Although a UK limited company it resided in The Netherlands. From 2005 to 2012 QM operated from Schiedam but moved office/warehouse in 2012 to The Hague, where it is still located.

QM’s objective is to import and distribute MicroCat microbials, manufactured by Bioscience Inc. from Allentown, U.S., in the European market. Since 2005 a distribution network has been established in over 20 European countries and exports to the Middle East and Africa has been realized.

MicroCat microbial products are manufactured under ISO 9001:2015 standards and are worldwide regarded to be of the highest standard in respect of quality, product consistency and performance. They are applied in wastewater treatment, bioremediation, drain, trap and sewer line maintenance, odour control, algae control, agriculture, fish farming, cleaning and many more applications.

In 2006 QM started with the representation of Inventures Technologies Inc. from Canada. Inventures Technologies was manufacturer of Gasinfusion systems, such as the iSOC system, which were used in groundwater bioremediation projects. This relationship ended in 2016 when Inventures Technologies was taken over and the new owners discontinued the bioremediation product line.

In 2010 QM started representing EOS Remediation LLC from Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S., in the Benelux countries. EOS manufactures a range of bioremediation products comprising emulsified soy bean oil substrates, pH buffers, electron acceptors and bioaugmentation cultures.

23 June 2016 was an important date for QM Environmental Services Ltd. The Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom started the process of the UK leaving the EU and for QM Environmental Services Ltd. it meant it would have to move back to the UK as an UK Limited company would no longer be recognized inside the EU for taxes and company registration. The moving process was started in January 2018 by the formation of QM Environmental International B.V. and QM Environmental Services Nederland B.V.

Since the formation of the new companies the import and export activities to its distributors from QM Environmental Services Ltd. have been transferred to QM Environmental International. QM Environmental Services Nederland has taken over the sales to end users in the Benelux. In 2019 QM Environmental Service Ltd. will move back to the United Kingdom where it will take care of the import of the products from the US and the sales to customers located in the UK.

In September 2018 QM Environmental International B.V. signed a distribution agreement with EOS Remediation LLC for the European market for the representation of the complete product line of EOS.